Meistersinger Wall and Table Clock – WU18

Meistersinger Wall and Table Clock – WU18


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MeisterSinger's single-hand watches seamlessly merge award-winning German design with a version for your wall or table. offering a unique and relaxed approach to timekeeping. Inspired by historical time measurement methods, these clocks echo the simplicity of early devices like sundials and medieval watches, featuring only a single hand—the hour hand.

The deliberate choice of a solitary hand aims to instill a sense of deceleration in our fast-paced lives, encouraging a more relaxed experience of time. Beyond their historical roots, MeisterSinger's clocks boast internationally acclaimed product design, transforming them into artistic expressions.

Using a MeisterSinger single-hand clock becomes an experience that transcends mere timekeeping, imparting a feeling of time being a precious gift. These timepieces, characterized by their unique combination of tradition and innovation, remind users to appreciate each moment. MeisterSinger's single-hand watches become more than functional accessories—they become a symbol of a mindful and leisurely approach to the passage of time, offering a harmonious blend of historical inspiration and contemporary design.
Collection Wall and Table Clock
Dial White
Movement Quartz


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