Established by Nick and Giles English after a fateful encounter with vintage aviation enthusiast Antoine Bremont, Bremont aims to bring high-end watchmaking back to British shores with their meticulously crafted precision timepieces.


Terra Nova Collection

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Bremont passionately crafts pilot watches in the Altitude Collections, blending function with finesse. Their timepieces celebrate a century-old bond between aviation and timekeeping.

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Armed Forces

Bremont proudly collaborates with the Ministry of Defence, exclusive in using Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force emblems. The Armed Forces Collection pays homage to WWII 'Dirty Dozen' watches.

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Bremont's Mayfair Collection embodies elegance and timelessness, offering sophisticated dress watches suitable for daily wear or special occasions. Known for quality craftsmanship, Bremont combines refinement with versatility in this collection.

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Bremont's Motorsport collection pays tribute to British engineering legends like Williams F1, Jaguar, and Norton. Each timepiece blends classic design with vintage motorsport inspiration, offering precision, durability, and a nod to speed.

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Inspired by aviation principles, Supermarine features a durable Trip-Tick® case, chronometer-tested movement, and meet professional diving standards.

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Time Capsule

Bremont's Time Capsule celebrates historic moments with passionately crafted Limited Edition Collections. Each project is uniquely distinct, featuring rare materials and limited volumes, embodying exclusive craftsmanship in watchmaking.

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