FOPE, a brand founded in 1929 and based in Vicenza (also known as The City Of Gold), Italy, is a true testament to the revolutionary technique and masterful craftsmanship. FOPE is widely known for its stretchable bracelets and rings that are crafted solely in 18k gold and rendered fully flexible thanks to the tiny gold springs hidden between each link. The ground-breaking system has been patented since 2007. Since then, it completely changed the way people portrayed jewelry, since FOPE became the perfect combination of comfort, style and luxury.

FOPE has been a Responsible Jewelry Council member since 2013 and became a certified member in 2014. When shopping on our page, you will be able to find various styles, sizes and collections FOPE has to offer, like EKA, EKA Tiny, Flex-It and many more.


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