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Creating a piece at Little Treasury means you’re buying direct from the manufacturer when using our custom services. Our Master Jewelers and designers are experts at making the most of your money to create the fashionable look you’ll cherish for a lifetime. At Little Treasury, custom jewelry doesn’t cost a premium.

Timeless Designs:

Gemstone selection

Let’s Make Something New!

With our Master Jeweler, the store is proud to help maintain, restore, and recreate your most valued possessions. Take that old jewelry out of your closet and entrust it to us to recreate it into new jewelry you’ll wear with fashion-forward confidence.

Step 1

Old Jewelry

Repurposing old jewelry into something new not only gives your jewelry a fresh and updated look but also carries sentimental value, preserving the memories associated with the original piece.

Step 2

Design Process

We work together to bring an idea to life with either initial drawings or renderings on our cad software, and offer a quote for the finished project. Our jeweler can also hand carve a wax mold of this piece if necessary.

Step 3

Metal Cast

The designed piece becomes a reality when it is turned into the metal of your choice. At this stage our Master Jeweler will hand polish and remove any imperfections on this piece.

Step 4

Set Stones

Any stones will now be meticulously set by our Master Jeweler into your new custom piece and checked for safety and tightness.

Step 5

Final Product

Your beautiful new piece has been created and is ready for you to enjoy and love for years to come!

Begin Designing you're custom piece now!

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