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Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

Grand Seiko is the flagship luxury line of Seiko watchmaking. It is hallmarked by beautiful dials, mirror-edged “Zaratzu” polishing, and revolutionary watchmaking technology including Spring Drive, High-Beat, and Ultra-High Accuracy Quartz movements. Little Treasury Jewelers is the definitive destination for Grand Seiko and our staff would love to help you explore the collection.

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Evolution 9

*Inspired by the 44GS, the Evolution 9 embodies advancements in aesthetics, legibility, and comfort, catering to modern active lifestyles. The Evolution 9 reflects Grand Seiko’s relentless pursuit of crafting the ultimate practical watch. 

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The Heritage collection revives the earliest Grand Seiko timepieces using the latest movement and craftsmanship, blending tradition and innovation seamlessly. 

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Grand Seiko excels in sport watches, prioritizing legibility and durability. With options like diver's, chronographs, GMT, and various movements, it caters to discerning sports enthusiasts seeking top-tier quality.

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Grand Seiko Elegance harmoniously blends artistry with practicality, radiating subtle beauty in all lighting.  Elegance embodies Grand Seiko’s Japanese Aesthetic and timeless design purity for enduring elegance. 

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About Grand Seiko Watches

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The three movements at the heart of Grand Seiko



One of the world's foremost mechanical movements, the culmination of high-precision micro-engineering and the attention to detail of Grand Seiko's expert watchmakers.

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The ultimate quartz movement. Caliber 9F incorporates several unique technologies that raise the performance of quartz to the high standards of Grand Seiko.

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Spring Drive

Spring Drive is a unique movement that delivers one-second-a-day precision, using just the power of a mainspring.

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