Towson Watch Company Potomac PO250-S



Chesapeake Collection: Potomac PO250-S

A nostalgic manual-winder that puts the feel of a pocket-watch right on your wrist. Inspired by the pioneers of railroad transportation that once walked the Potomac region’s grounds. The PO250’s exhibition case-back presents a uniquely modified and decorated Unitas 6498 manual-wound movement. A historic and reliable caliber that was originally found in American pocket watches a century ago. Fast forward to the new millenium, and our watchmakers here at TWC have chosen it for the Potomac’s motor. This time, in effort to recapture the lost tradition of American watchmaking and manufacturing. The dial extends this patriotic theme with a certain railroad-era aesthetic so often found in American-made pocket watches. With this offering, our design team has shined fresh light on both a set of values and a period of time that glorified American industry and change. Functions include: minute, hour, and a seconds sub-dial at the 6 o’clock position.

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