Speake-Marin Velsheda Gothic Titanium



Limited edition of 8 pieces.

With aesthetics echoing that of a compass, Velsheda offers a minimalistic display of time, using a single blued-steel hand to indicate hours and minutes. Two superimposed ‘topping tool’ motifs – one displaying seconds, the other the hub of the double-ended hand – overlap, creating ever-changing patterns that bring the dial to life.

Often seen in many Speake-Marin watches is this design inspiration of Gothic influence. Almost Medieval in style with strong curves and points highly stylizing this new model. This design ethic defines and identifies Speake-Marin watches. It also brings the Velsheda back to the roots of the universe of Peter Speake-Marin.

The dial is dressed with Roman and Arabic numerals. The red 12 has classical connotations and associations with early pocket and wrist watches made in England where on some classic designs all the dial was in black with the exception of the 12. A subtle detail in the design of the dial is the “5”, which has in miniature the world “enamel” painted, only possibly viewed with an eyeglass.

Finally, the Velsheda’s automatic Vaucher mocement dominates the view through the display-back and provides a backdrop for the beautifully finished rotor. Like the central hub of the hand and the seconds wheel, the rotor is in the shape of the Speake-Marin topping tool logo, a motif permeating the whole timepiece.

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