Nomos Ahoi Neomatik Atlantic 567



Ahoi neomatik Atlantic 567

Ahoi neomatik Atlantic—a versatile automatic watch, equipped with the innovative caliber technology of the high-precision neomatik DUW 3001 movement. The caliber, developed by NOMOS, measures just 3.2 millimeters in height—the same as nine stacked postage stamps— making it remarkably slender. The time is kept by the proprietary escapement, the famous NOMOS swing system. With a case diameter of 36 millimeters, Ahoi neomatik Atlantic is the smallest of the Ahoi Atlantic edition models. The watch is waterproof up to 20 atm.

In-house built caliber DUW 3001

NOMOS Glashütte caused a storm in the industry once again with this technological sensation. Since, at only 3.2 millimeters in height, this proprietary caliber called DUW 3001 is incredibly thin and yet highly precise—a combination that was either impossible or cost a fortune until now.

And the efficiency of caliber was also improved to a significant extent: It is now at 94.2 percent, an achievement that experts find almost unbelievable—because it means that friction loss is down to 5.8 percent. This makes the caliber extraordinarily efficient as well; 20 percent is typical. In this new NOMOS motor there is some high tech, but handcraft first and foremost.

Down to its core: The NOMOS swing system, our proprietary escapement, also known as a caliber’s heart, sets the right pace with the highest precision. And of course there are many typical characteristics from Glashütte in this movement, which denote its rich heritage: the three-quarter plate, ribbed polishing, tempered blue screws, and so on.

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