Mühle Glashütte Sea-Timer BlackMotion



Do we only buy sun lotion in extra-large bottles, barley even notice if we get salt water in our eyes and simply grab a jetboard when the wind isn’t on our side? If so, there’s no doubt about it: We’re a perfect match for the Sea-Timer BlackMotion! This new Mühle sports watch is an absolute myst for anyone who is always on the move and simply cannot wait to try out new fun sports activities. Its black stainless steel case reveals at a glance that the Sea-Timer BlackMotion is the ideal companion for all sports adventures. The high-quality case not only features a 2.5-millimetre-thick double anti-glare sapphire crystal but also boasts a solid screw-in crown with extra side projection. These highlights are joined by an elaborate TiC coating (titanium carbide), which transforms the watch from a sophisticated timepiece into a cool-looking companion for your wrist.

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