Mühle Glashütte Panova Red



Red usually means stop, but in the case of our latest Panova model it means go, go, go! In addition to its existing blue, green and grey designs, this Mühle watch is now also available with a red face. Red is one of those colours that simply never go out of fashion, and in summer 2021, it’s time for red and its various shades to return to the forefront in the world of fashion. To embrace this trend without dressing in red from head to toe, watch-lovers can now add a touch of vibrant red to their wrists with an elegant new accessory.


Those who have found their way and are moving forward with both consistency and openness to the world have a clear view of new opportunities and the beautiful things in everyday life. For those who are then also concerned with the right watch-life balance, we have developed the Panova. The Mühle everyday watch gives its wearer the feeling of having had an eye for the essentials and of having taken the right path. This is also expressed in the name: the words “Panorama” for the view and the Latin word “Via” for the path form the basis for the name “Panova”.

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