Grand Seiko SBGK015 Ryūsendō US Limited Edition



SBGK015 – “Ryūsendō”
Limited to 250 pieces.

The dial of SBGK015 is inspired by the vivid blue and emerald-green underground lakes of the Ryūsendō (龍泉洞). Located in Iwaizumi in eastern Iwate Prefecture, Ryūsendō Cave is known for its extensive subterranean galleries arching over deep sunless lakes of clear blue water. This effect is captured beautifully by the dial’s vibrant color and dynamic pattern curving from its center.

Grand Seiko’s Thin Dress Series case design. With the Thin Dress Series, Grand Seiko’s objective was to create thinner, dressier timepieces that could easily slip under a shirt cuff. To that end, the case measures 39mm in diameter, 11.6mm in thickness, and just 44mm in length. The shape features a pronounced curvature with softer, more organic lines than what one would find on more geometric designs like the 44GS. Additionally, the underside of the case is concave, which allows the watch to sit closer to the wrist. The dial and sapphire crystal are also curved to give the watches a classic look, and the minute and power reserve indicator hands are shaped by a craftsperson so that they follow the dials’ dome.

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