Grand Seiko SBGH201


A complete and Beautifully Formed Mechanical Hi-Beat 36000

In 1968, Grand Seiko introduced Japan’s first automatic 10-beat watch (61GS) to the world.
In 2009, 10-beat Caliber 9S85 surpassed the original, encapsulating the past 41 years with high precision parts created using sophisticated modern technology assembled using skills inherited from the masters.
Innovations to the precision controlling mainspring, the hairspring, and the escapement (escape wheel and pallet) mean that the 9S Mechanical is not simply a revival of the 10-beat movement of the past, but its rebirth as a high-precision movement.
The accurate workings are ensconced in a beautiful exterior with the stunning blue second hand contrasting with the white dial as it etches out precise time, making it a natural successor to the ‘Seiko Style’, the embodiment of the Grand Seiko design philosophy which started with the 44GS.
The wearer can also enjoy watching the mechanical movement exquisitely mark out time through the transparent case back.

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