Alexander Shorokhoff Regulator AS.R01-2


The Regulator R01 is the ideal watch for a self-confident man. Avant-garde design paired with modern, almost provocative stylistic devices will capture interested men’s curiosity.

This special timekeeper catches your attention right away, perhaps due to the mixture of a rather discreet dial and the extremely present “60” that turns the dial into an eye-catcher. The hour hand was placed at “6h” and the hand for seconds was deliberately placed at “9h”.

Also in terms of quality, the Regulator leaves nothing to be desired: The movement is refined by hand with partially hand-engraved and gold-plated bridges. The chrono-bridge, pallet bridge and coupling receive a special polishing. The crown wheel is engraved with a gouge and the balance bridge is decorated with a hand engraving. The manufacturer’s logo completes the impressive appearance of the piece.

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