Alexander Shorokhoff Kandy AS.KD01-3E

The model “Kandy” is dedicated to the most famous Russian avant-gardist Wassily Kandinsky.
He possessed an extraordinary artistic intelligence and a pronounced feeling for colors and form. He assigned colors a deeper meaning and associations by, i.e. describing the color blue as “soft” and “aromatic” or in contrast the color yellow as “fierce” and “pungent”. Furthermore, he assigned specific shapes to specific colors, i.e. he imagined the color red to be a square.
A. Shorokhov takes up these colors and shapes in his latest creations as well. The dials are square and exhibit a three-dimensional guilloche. The back of the case shows four round glasses in red, blue and yellow, the most important colors in Avant-garde art. Compatible with this, a modern and angular case shape was chosen. The edges were rounded off and milled laterally to fill in the resulting cavities with heated high-quality, Italian enamel. In order to apply the enamel evenly around the case, the central part is manufactured without little feet. They will later be welded to the bottom of the case. The crown can be enameled as well. To give the watch some more character, the colors can be changed according to the customer’s request.

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