Alexander Shorokhoff Babylonian LE


A cosmos with celestial objects and zodiac signs opens up on the dial of the “Babylonian I”.

At the center of this “galaxy” is a hand-engraved movement, as in many of “Alexander Shorokhoff” watches. It is equipped with a special decorative sunburst pattern.

Limited Edition: 500 pieces

Wave ornaments – symbol for water and the rivers Euphrates and Tigris – lie above and mark the horizontal axis. The sun and moon augment the harmonious
image of this constellation. To give this “galaxy” even more meaning, zodiac signs were placed at the center on top of a shimmering blue motherofpearl circle.

The dark blue, about 1.5 mm lower frame with the golden stars particularly accentuates the numbering and the silver hour and minute markers. The hands present in a deep midnight blue.

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