Zannetti Handmade Watches was founded by Riccardo Zannetti in 1982 in Rome, Italy. Initially designing and producing for some of the most prestigeous contemporary watch brands, Zannetti brought forth his first Zannetti branded collection in 1986, “The Stradivarius,” which was in production until 2003.

Zannetti’s watchmaking strength lies in his ability to go beyond the limits of standardisation and conformity (homologation). Each single piece, produced, and numbered individually, is unique and unrepeatable. The value lies in the meticulous care spent on personalizing and adding finishing touches to the case, the dial and even the movement: always Swiss-made and mechanical. Attention to details, refinements of the highest quality and a unique design, are the distinguishing features of these original timepieces, fruit of Riccardo Zannetti’s creativity and of his team of master watchmakers.

Every watch created by Zannetti is always designed and drawn exclusively by hand. It may be the combination of the pencil, the pastels and the carbon lead which transform a white sheet of paper into an idea, preparing the eye, even before the hand, to imagine and conceive a new and original form. Even the smallest detail has been created and designed to produce harmony in the whole. All the written details and decorations have been engraved by hand so as to make every single watch different one from the other.

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