District Time Watch Show 2022 Event!

District Time 2022 Event!

Little Treasury Jewelers • District Time Micro Brand Watch Show 2022! 

On March 6 Little Treasury participated in the 5th Annual Time Bum & McDowell Time District Time Micro Brand Washington, D.C. Watch event

We showed pieces from  Alexander Shorokhoff, Meistersinger, Mühle Glashütte, and micro-brand favorite, ORION Watches. Also included were some special pieces from our major brands, Grand Seiko, OMEGA, and Breitling.

 It was a pleasure to meet participating emerging watchmakers and micro-brands, as well as attendees who have never been able to make it to our store.

We have always been impressed with the DC watch community’s support for this event and hope to see many of you at Little Treasury Jewelers or at next year’s DC Time.

Congratulations to our door prize winner! 

Door Prize Winner

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