William Henry Cabernet Silky RB8 Silky Pen


RB8 Silky – Edition of 100 Pieces

The Cabernet ‘Silky’ features an intricate barrel in ‘silky’ fishtail oak, and a light inner structure of brass. The accents on the carbon fiber cap are in mokume, carbon fiber, and hand-forged damascus. The pocket clip is set with a citrine gemstone. This beautiful writing instrument also features William Henry’s patent-pending Wavelock™ cap closure system – a ring of chromium steel balls embedded in a titanium ring which are captured in wave-shaped grooves in titanium collars for closed and post positions. The Cabernet ‘Silky’ is a limited worldwide edition of 100 pieces, and the exotic wood barrel confers to each of them a distinct and original personality. Much like their owners, no two pens are ever alike.



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