Mühle Glashütte Teutonia II Weltzeit


The Teutonia II Weltzeit is a watch for true connoisseurs! When George Francis Train travelled around the world in 80 days back in 1870, he became a major sensation, so much so that he was the inspiration behind Jules Verne’s famous novel. The same impressive journey can now be completed by an aeroplane in just a few hours and by the International Space Station in a speedy time of just 92 minutes. Nowadays, people always seem to be living life in the fast lane. Our Teutonia II Weltzeit, on the other hand, is the ideal stylish companion for wearers with a more relaxed approach to life, those who take time to get to know their destination and its people when travelling. It not only shows them the time in both their current location and a second time zone but also features a bidirectional bezel marked with the names of cities that can be used to determine the time in 24 different time zones all over the globe.

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