Mühle Glashütte 29er Tag/Datum


Be it when sailing the 29er dinghy or creating its wristwatch counterpart, the new 29er Tag/Datum, it’s all about achieving the perfect balance. When the wind tugs at the sail at full force and crew members have to throw their entire weight into leaning out on the trapeze, the right balance is the deciding factor between winning or sinking. When designing the new 29er Tag/Datum, achieving a harmonious balance between the date and weekday displays was just as critical for our watch-making crew, albeit on dry land. Despite its stunning appearance, this new Mühle watch is a passionate athlete through and through. Its high-quality stainless steel case boasts a pressure resistance of up to 10 bars and reliably protects the watch’s precise movement, including our patented particularly shockproof woodpecker neck regulation, against the wind, waves and whatever else the environment wants to throw at it – just like the 29er sailing dinghy that gives this new model its name.

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