MeisterSinger Adhaesio Dual Timer AD908


MeisterSinger presents the Globetrotter Edition of its dual-time classic Adhaesio.

MeisterSinger’s single-hand watches are ideal travel companions. For people who, whether on holiday or on business, don’t let themselves be chased by seconds. A single, long pointer shows the time to five minutes exactly: detailed enough not to miss a flight, or a meeting. The award-winning design of these watches follows the tradition of scientific measuring instruments and underlines their character as a precise, reliable piece of equipment.

For travelers – and even more so for real globetrotters who are here today and there tomorrow – the most important additional feature of a watch is the display of a second zone time, mostly that of home time. This has not only practical value for planning telephone calls, for example, but also an emotional one: a glance at the time difference makes the distance from home obvious. And it serves the reflection, connects with the people at home or at another important place, which the traveler carries in the heart.

A very special version of this travel classic is now available: the Globetrotter Edition, which is limited to 30 copies worldwide. The dial and the two rings are dark blue. A fine sunburst finish makes the dial shimmer like a distant night sky in changing light. The white, functional typography and red accents provide the instrumental character. And the brown, robust saddle leather strap shows that this clock does not belong at the office desk.

The stainless steel case of the Adhaesio features a Swiss automatic movement that can be viewed through the six-screwed exhibition back. The Globetrotter Edition gives the Adhaesio its own piece of luggage. The 30 models come with a sturdy leather case for two wristwatches.

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