Citizen watches have been synonymous with quality craftsmanship and innovation since the 1930’s.

Long known for their pioneering input in the watch industry, Citizen has made significant advancements over the years in watchmaking. They are the largest timepiece manufacturing company today, producing and selling more watches than all Swiss watch companies combined.

Citizen’s vision is very much about innovation and advancing the technology used in the watch industry. They were the first to engineer a watch with solar capabilities, eliminating the need for batteries in the Eco-Drive collection. They also pioneered the use of radio and satellite waves in the Drive collection for the most accurate timekeeping possible, with almost no margin for error.

Citizen offers a wide range of styles from traditional and classic, to modern and sleek for, both men and women. The Grand Classic collection offers the luxury of an automatic watch, with state of the art functionality; a true value for the watch enthusiast. Citizen watches are a great value all around, and they come with a five year warranty, making them reliable and trustworthy.

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