Lockets are in! Monica is a first generation American with European parents. She grew up immersed in the arts and it shows beautifully throughout her work. She started first as a portrait photographer, but not your typical “pose and shoot” photographer, a true artist who tells a story. One day she decided to make her photography into jewelry, not just any jewelry – sexy lockets! That is when the jewelry designer was born. This designer caught our eye because, like Linda (owner and founder of Little Treasury Jewelers), her attention to intricate details, her uncompromising passion for quality and uniqueness, and her exceptional drive make her an incredibly empowering inspiration to women everywhere. The gift of a locket, in 18 karat gold or sterling silver, is so special because it tells a story, the wearer’s story, and THAT is empowering! Whether a gift for Mother’s Day, a daughter, a sister, a friend, or as an act of self love, a Monica Rich Kosann Locket is ALWAYS A HIT!

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