Classic Originality
Sleek sophistication and classic originality define Alex Woo accessories. Uniquely appealing with both luxurious style and substance, Alex Woo’s designs are fashionably fresh and contemporary, yet are never eclipsed by the trend of the moment. With a signature style and edge that is unmistakable, many of the pieces can be worn every day, day or night, and make a powerful statement of individuality without compromising femininity.

Quality Craftsmanship
Handcrafted artistry, careful finishing, and thoughtful function are just part of the high standards of quality infused in all Alex Woo jewelry. From the premium materials selected that are eco-friendly, each piece is of the utmost quality built upon years of a tradition of excellence. It is this dedication to quality that has earned Alex Woo continual recognition from fashion editors, stylists, and industry insiders, to celebrities and trendsetters.

Made in New York
Although each design is inspired by the beauty of locations from around the world, a vital aspect of Alex Woo jewelry design and their creative process is influenced by the vibrant diversity of New York City. Fusing the soul, pace and style of New York energy in each collection, the outcome transcends time and location. Using 100% eco-friendly precious metals from American refineries and imported conflict-free diamonds, each piece is hand-finished and distributed from their design studio. We proudly ensure both quality control and a culture that supports local talent and better business practices. It’s a viewpoint that has attracted likeminded, stylish and unique individuals to the company. Visit the Alex Woo website

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