Youtube: Grand Seiko GS9 club and Eagle SBGE263 Announcement Recap

Youtube: Grand Seiko GS9 club and Eagle SBGE263 Announcement Recap

Highlights of the Grand Seiko official announcement last night on the GS9 Club and the SBGE263 Eagle 110 piece limited edition announcement.

A Spring Drive GMT for the next generation

The design of this new sport watch pulls its inspiration from the eagle, a large bird with a powerful beak whose dominance has earned it a majestic, yet authoritative reputation. Living on the tops of towering mountains, amid the solitary grandeur of nature, the eagle has long been a symbol of longevity, great strength, and majesty.

The distinct deep brown color of the imperial bird’s feathers is applied on the dial and ceramic bezel as a reminder of the warm tones of the earth – reliable and dignified.
The dial pattern represents the radiance of the eagle’s freedom soaring through the vista, swooping downward into valleys below or upward into the boundless spaces above.

The gold arrow of the GMT hand is reminiscent of the eagle’s powerful beak used to subdue his quest. Designed for convenience when embarking on a new adventure in a different time zone, the Caliber 9R66, a Spring Drive GMT, allows the local hour to jump to the appropriate hour without having to reset the watch. As an eagle can be seen soaring smoothly through the sky, the second hand of this Spring Drive sport watch glides along the dial.