Nomos Tetra Petit Four

Nomos 2018 Novelties: Tetra Petit Four

Tetra Petit Four

Square, delightful, in beautiful colors—NOMOS Glashütte
is celebrating the start of spring with four new versions of the classic model Tetra

Nomos Tetra Petit 4

Be careful: These watches are not edible, even when they share their name with the classic French pastry and make a delicious impression. The NOMOS Petit Four series consists of four new Tetra versions that promise the most delightful wrists: Tetra Pearl, Grenadine, Matcha, and Azure.
Ticking within these new watches is the NOMOS caliber Alpha, renowned for its reliability and accuracy—and as always at NOMOS Glashütte, traditionally crafted by hand in Glashütte. Every individual movement is adjusted in six positions and features Glashütte ribbing, tempered blue screws, and NOMOS perlage.

In two of the four watches, the hand-wound caliber can be viewed at work through a sapphire crystal glass back. The two others, Tetra Matcha and Tetra Azure, offer space for a personalized engraving on their stainless steel backs—a love note, perhaps, or the address of your favorite French bakery.

NOMOS Glashütte likes to experiment with color in the classic model Tetra every now and then; the square shape of the case and its clear lines are the perfect setting. This time—and perhaps more beautifully than ever—grenadine red, pink (in Tetra Pearl), azure blue, and matcha green form a very contemporary quartet. With the contrasting shades of their typography and the fine accents of silver and gold of their hands, these watches are not only fine mechanical timepieces, but pieces of jewelry as well.

The perfect accompaniment to spring sunshine,
flowers, and the best of moods, the NOMOS watches of the
Petit Four series are available with selected retailers from the end of March.

Nomos Tetra Pearl

Tetra Pearl

The cherry on top of the new Petit Four series: Tetra Pearl features golden hands, the finishing touch to its perfectly pretty dial. They are accompanied by indexes in violet; if this Tetra were placed in the window of a Parisian pâtisserie, it would be long gone. The powdery pink of the dial, the slender case on a velour leather strap—it is truly irresistible.


Tetra Grenadine

Tetra Grenadine isn’t entirely novel—as its color is inspired by pomegranates. And its not the first beautiful object to feature this shade; pomogranate juice was once used to dye Oriental carpets. Today a fruity-sweet touch graces this watch, dressed with dark red indexes and golden hands. A delight from NOMOS’ Glashütte watchmaking workshops.

Nomos Tetra Granadine
Nomos Tetra Matcha

Tetra Matcha

Tetra Matcha is undoubtedly eye-catching, although the delicate tea green of the dial is still flattering to the skin. This timepiece is crafted with patience and care, drawing on the long-held watchmaking traditions of Glashütte, Germany. It’s a classic, with a fresh touch in this color, but ultimately timeless.


Tetra Azure

Blue Monday? No chance! Tetra Azure is the fourth in the Petit Four series, bright and ready for every single day. Whether that brings clouds or a clear summer sky, porridge or cake—or rather, petits fours. A very contemporary color on the dial of the classic Tetra model. The handcrafted NOMOS caliber Alpha is at work reliably within.

Nomos Tetra Azure