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Kandinsky, Mondrian and Calder. Flashes of Abstract Art and echoes of the Seventies in this Mattioli iconic line: Puzzle that bestowed the ready-to-wear jewellery its top degree of freedom. Games and imagination clink together in courageous trapeze shapes and colors. Smoothed angles and attractive irregular shapes to wear and change as desired. Puzzle is also at the very top for innovation in materials – colored mother of pearls and wood.

Licia Mattioli is an inexhaustible source of energy. Lawyer by training, entrepreneur by vocation, she almost tip-toed at first into the world of jewelry and then climbed the heights of high-fashion with the energy and determination that everyone recognizes in her.

Licia thinks of the ‘Mattioli woman’ as one with a personality much similar to her own: dynamic yet feminine, sophisticated but flex

ible and, above all, a product of her time and an interpreter of the contemporary spirit. The strong imprint of this new philosophy on the style of Mattioli can be seen, since that moment, in all the collections which have been designed by the brand: from its bracelets to the famous chains, each piece of jewellery is both unique and eclectic, both a versatile travel companion and an irreplaceable sign of distinction.

Fashion earrings from Italy to suit all occasions for their elegance and sophistication. The vast selection will ensure that you find what you were looking for with a maximum satisfaction

Select a hoop style in white, rose or yellow gold (with or without diamonds). Earrings come with your choice of three sets of “puzzle” earring drops. You can match your outfit or dress for “game day” in your team’s colors.

For a great gift buy her the whole set in a stunning gift box with a large assortment of puzzle drops!

Mattioli Puzzle Set