Do you want to design your own watch? At Little Treasury you can.

Do you want to design your own watch? At Little Treasury you can.

Design Your Own Watch

We have a large selection of watches at Little Treasury, but our commitment to helping you find what you’re looking for goes beyond curating our numerous watch brands for the showcase. At Little Treasury, we can help you become the designer of your next timepiece. 

Zannetti Watches

Riccardo Zannetti, CEO and founder of Zannetti watches, is a multi-talented designer and watchmaker based in Rome, Italy. The Zannetti studio specializes in historical techniques of enameling, micromosaic, and hand painting, making every handmade timepiece unique. Their process begins with sketches of the preliminary designs as each idea takes form. If you have an idea about a pièce unique, we can arrange a consultation with Zannetti to have your own original timepiece made by his studio in the tradition of Haute Horlogerie.

Alexander Shorokhoff

Alexander Shorokhoff, the brand and the person, is another rich source of one-of-a-kind timepieces that we represent. Based in Alzenau, Germany, but infused with Shorokhoff’s Russian design aesthetic, the company produces a number of collections to choose from, but they also take requests for original pieces. The designer and namesake of the brand, Mr. Shorokhoff, will personally sketch a watch based on your inputs and desires. Once approved, the design goes into production and is assembled by a single watchmaker who personally measures and documents its performance under the company’s unique accountability system.

Both Alexander Shorokhoff and Riccardo Zannetti visit Little Treasury annually, usually over the summer, so please reach out to schedule a time to meet with them. The full process to produce a custom piece from either of these houses is two to three months.

Citizen Watch Company

At the other end of the price spectrum, The Citizen Watch Company will make watches with custom dials with your company or organization logo, or other design. This is especially helpful if you are looking to order customized pieces in quantity for retirement or other recognition purposes or to commemorate special occasions for your organization. This solution is affordable and repeatable and can be applied to a number of watch models and sizes. Just see a Little Treasury watch specialist for details.

Bremont, NORQAIN - Configurator Tools

Other of our watch brands offer configurator tools to create the right piece for you where you select various components to make a timepiece. Consider, for example, taking a look at the Bremont MBII. You can choose from over 1,000 possible combinations of dial color, case barrel, or watch strap. Or, take NORQAIN’s Wild One and select from a list of watch cases, shock absorbers, dials, watch hands, case side plate, and case back printing to make a Wild One of 1. These configurators allow you to work within the existing design language of each of these brands to create your own piece. 

Bremont MBII Customizer

Norqain Customizer

With all these options, you can design a watch at Little Treasury to fit your vision, and we will take care to ensure you are happy with your order. No matter which watchmaker you create a piece with, you will receive proofs at every step of the way. From drawings to final images, you will get to see your watch take shape. We are excited to see what you create!