Design Your Own Jewelry At Little Treasury Jewelers

Design Your Own Jewelry At Little Treasury Jewelers

We have a number of options for personalizing jewelry, but have you ever wanted to design a piece of your own? Our jewelry design team, including a Master Jeweler, can work with you to design and create entirely original pieces, or restyle existing jewelry to bring you new enjoyment. Let us take you through the process, step by step.



1) The Idea
As with any art piece, we start from an idea. This may be vague at the very beginning; you’re looking to create a wedding ring, you have loose gemstones that are special but have nowhere to live, you know what you want but you can’t find it anywhere, etc. Once you have an idea or reason for designing a custom piece, one of our jewelry design experts can help you refine it.

2) Creating the Design
Our design expert will hand draw or use computer-aided design (CAD) to translate your vision into a digital version of your piece. We can create designs from scratch, selecting the materials you want. And when we use the CAD program, we can show you how the piece would look like when it's being worn, like placing ring designs on digital hand models, or alongside cases and other props. 

Our tools can capture whatever idea you have, and inspire the design. We’ve even recreated a wedding band that a customer lost, just by using a photo. The team will walk you through the process, and can offer advice to help you make decisions about the final look.

3) Estimating the Cost
At each step of the way we make sure you are happy with your piece, and this is especially true with price. We want to make sure that we stay within your budget. Once you are happy with the digital design we can provide you with a cost estimate. Once you have formally signed off and approved, we can proceed to the next step. 

4) Final Approval
After you have formally approved the final design, we can provide you with a 3D wax proof based on the sketch or digital design. This wax proof is shared with you to formally approve before it is used to manufacture the final piece. Or, if you are happy with the final digital design, we can move directly to the manufacturing process without waiting for a wax proof. 

5) Manufacturing the Piece
Depending on the nature of the piece, our outside partners or our Master Jeweler will create the final piece. Our Master Jeweler will make the final touches to pieces created by one of our partner vendors, such as polishing and mounting any gemstones, to ensure your satisfaction. And that’s it. When inspiration strikes, come in and give designing your own jewelry a try!