Bronze Watch Care Cleaning Tips!

How To - ORIS Bronze Watch Care Cleaning Tips!

Bronze Watch Care Cleaning Tips!

Bronze Watch Care Cleaning Tips!

Bronze Watch Care Cleaning Tips! Do you have an ORIS Bronze watch? Are you considering getting an ORIS Bronze Watch? Well if the answer is yes, your going to want to watch this video ORIS put together on showing you how to properly care for, store, and clean your timepiece!


The material bronze is a copper alloy and oxidizes over time when it comes into contact with oxygen. A natural patina forms, which makes the bronze darker and gives each watch its own individual character. Many people love the personality and look the patina gives to their pieces. The oxidation of bronze is a natural process and does not indicate a quality defect.


We recommend that you do not remove the patina. lt acts as a natural protective layer for bronze. Clean the bronze parts carefully only if you discover unsightly marks. If you decide to clean it, follow the steps below.


Please make sure to treat your watch very carefully, and be aware that the color will not be the same as it did originally.

Step 1: Get the watch you want to clean ready. Fully open the piece and lay it on a flat surface.

Step 2: Put salt, and vinegar into a bowl.

Step 3: Mix the salt and vinegar together.

Step 4: Take a small brush (for example a toothbrush) dip it in the salt and vinegar mix and clean your watch with the brush up and down and side to side (see video for example).

Step 5: If you watch has a leather strap, be sure the salt and vinegar does not come in contact with it. Perhaps remove the strap before cleaning if possible.

Step 6: Rinse your watch with water.

Only store bronze watches in cool and dry places, and avoid direct contact with sunlight.