Bremont Townhouse 2017 Event

Bremont Townhouse 2017 New Collection Release

Ethan and Chris traveled to England this month, to represent Little Treasury at the Bremont Watch Company “Townhouse Event” in London, followed by a visit to the Bremont headquarters in Henley. The event was designed to introduce the 2017 Bremont novelties to authorized Bremont retailers and to provide an introduction to the Bremont facilities and staff. This was conducted in lieu of exhibiting at the more traditional Baselworld venue in Basel, Switzerland.


Attendees received an interesting welcoming package upon arrival at the hotel, which contained a limited edition comic poster set that tells the tale of the de Havilland DH-88 airplane that is commemorated by the Bremont DH-88 limited edition chronograph.

h1 Bremont ComicH12

The Bremont townhouse was decorated with different aviation-related themes, including a Martin Baker ejection seat lounge and Boeing bar.

One of the company’s top watchmakers was building movements and answering questions.


An entire room was dedicated to aquatic pieces



Bremont founders Nick and Giles English welcomed their guests to London to enjoy delicious food, local beer, the lovely city, and of course, their wonderful watches.

Big Ben

Giles and us

We previewed all of the new models that will be out later this year.

Reserve your new model now

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Pricing is as follows:

  • S300 Diver and type 301 – $4,095 on choice of strap and $4,695 on bracelet
  • Jaguar Mk2 – $6,795
  • Airco Mach I & II – $3895 on choice of strap and $4,495 on bracelet
  • Norton V4 LE – $7,295

The S300 Diver sports Bremont’s new 40mm case with a more mainstream look to it, and comes in a more vintage looking Type 301 edition as well. The new case is made of Bremont’s hardened steel, and the entire range has ceramic bezel inserts. This collection opens up a new 20mm strap selection, as well, which includes a stainless steel bracelet, nylon NATO, rubber and leather options

S300 Diver:

H10 H3 H8

S300 Type 301:

H19 Bremont Type 301

The Jaguar MKII model, designed to instantly transport the wearer back to the golden era of 1960s sports car motoring, carries the Jaguar heritage logo above the six o’clock position, as well as hour markings in the style of the numerals found on E-type instruments. The new Jaguar comes with white dial and a new beautiful blue with red stitched leather strap.

, Bremont Jaguar MK-II/WH

The Airco Mach I and Mach II will feature a stepped bezel and a 40mm case with a display back. The Mach I is finished in the standard matte, while the Mach II will have a high polish.


Mach I


Mach II

The New Norton V4 chronometer will be limited to 200 pieces to coincide with the 200 V4 motorcycles that Norton Motorcycles are manufacturing.. A prototype of this piece was not available, but a picture of it can be seen on the wall behind the motorcycle that was on display in the townhouse.


On day two, we were given a tour of the Henley Bremont Factory and saw the manufacturing operation behind these great watches. The staff and watchmakers were both equally as pleasant and knowledgeable about the brand and facility. We met Stu, the head watchmaker who has over 20 years of experience and is responsible for training the next watchmaker who will be in the US repair center handling the more simple repairs.

H16 H20 H18

This is Stu, the head watchmaker at Bremont


Here is a look inside the Bremont facility, multiple rooms are like this.

We had a great event this year, and hope that you will enjoy the new models as much as we do!