Bremont Hawking Watch

Youtube: Why the Bremont Stephen Hawking Limited Edition is worth your attention!

‘I have wondered about time all my life.’ The classically styled Bremont Hawking Limited Edition watch, featuring a retrograde seconds hand and grand date, contains 4 wooden discs inlaid into the back of the watch taken from the desk at which Hawking contemplated the mysteries of the universe, one of his most treasured possessions.

THE BREMONT HAWKING COLLECTION: Celebrating the British scientist whose work developed our understanding of the nature of space, the nature of matter and the nature of time. 2020 marks Bremont’s 10th iconic limited edition, honouring and preserving a piece of history and heritage within one of its mechanical timepieces. This year the brand is very proud to have worked closely with the Hawking family to create something completely unique and very special to commemorate the life of the remarkable Professor Stephen Hawking. It is the first time that Bremont will be releasing a ladies’ watch as part of the new collection. The Bremont Hawking Limited Edition Collection is dedicated to the British scientist whose study of time enhanced our understanding of the universe and beyond. Bremont Co-Founder Nick English says, “Professor Stephen Hawking was arguably one of the most pre-eminent scientists of the last hundred years. We wanted to celebrate this incredible man’s life and his fascinating relationship with time.”