Bremont Townhouse

Bremont presents 2018 collections at Townhouse Event in New York City!

This year Bremont brought the 2018 novelty collections to New York! Last year we flew out and attended their London reveal, but happy that they decided to do one in the States this year. The Bremont Townhouse Event took place at 214 Lafayette, an over-the-top, five-floor townhouse in lower Manhattan. The Townhouse included private appointment for Bremont authorized dealers to select and pre-order 2018 novelties and a gala evening party for dealers, Bremont followers, bloggers, the watch press, and a good sprinkling of celebrities.

The Bremont Endurance, a limited edition of just 300 pieces, available in June. Pre-order here.

Outside Bremont Event
214 Lafayette Street, where the Bremont Townhouse was held, is a former residence of Heidi Klum and Seal and is now the home of the McIntosh Group’s “World of McIntosh” environment. Hence the townhouse is equipped with the most amazing sound systems throughout, spectacular both visually as well as audibly, and they were in full operation throughout the Bremont event, with each area presenting its own sound experience.
Nick English Bremont
The Townhouse was fully branded throughout with Bremont imagery and props (two ejection seats!). Bremont has an outstanding staff and organization for this sort of thing. We were impressed that everyone greeted us by name the minute we walked in the door.
Nick English from Bremont
Prior to the big party Little Treasury had a wide-ranging meeting with Bremont co-founder Nick English. Gotta love this guy. How often does a company principal devote a good part of his afternoon to one store prior to what has to be one of the biggest events of the year for them? He asked for updates on a number of our customers by name, inquired about our staff and made some plans to enhance Bremont’s presence in the store.
Kevin Farrington - Bremont Rep
Meet Kevin Farrington, Bremont’s East Coast Manager for the US. Kevin is our new rep, and he’ll visit our store soon to meet the staff and Bremont followers as well as to present the 2018 line. Keep you eye open for an announcement.
Bremont Townhouse Endurance
Room of Bremont Event
Bremont on Wall
Bremont Townhouse

With James Lamdin, Analog/Shift founder and SHIFTed magazine publisher.

Bremont Townhouse

Three lovely ladies representing Bremont retail across the country.

Tested beyond endurance Bremont
Bremont Townhouse

Bremont co-founders Nick and Giles English address the crowd.

Bremont Townhouse
Bremont Townhouse Speaker
Bremont Townhouse
Bremont Townhouse

Gin on the third floor, whiskey on the fourth floor and vodka and tequila on the fifth floor

Bremont Townhouse
Speaker amp Bremont
Bremont PoolYes, those are Bremont dial pool floats! Also, radio-controlled battleships for guests to do battle during the party.