Time Out 2017  |  About the Brands!

Time Out 2017 | About the Brands!

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Ateliers deMonaco

Ateliers deMonaco has achieved a place among the rare and recognized watch independent manufactures. Beyond the artistic vision of any new and original masterpiece, men and know-how are at the heart of our creations, stamped with bienfacture and excellence. Daring innovation is our permanent quest but is inseparable from age-old watchmaking works of art. From in-house mechanical movement to hand-crafted decorative components, from evocative design features to chamfered and polished bridges, from special engraving to sculpted skeleton dials through the appealing shape of a case, every element brilliantly showcases Ateliers deMonaco’s technical expertise and passion for the Haute Horlogerie.
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Alexander Shorokhoff

Alexander Shorokhoff was born in Russia, moved to Germany 20 years ago and started his eponymous watch company. Most movements are manual wind based on Poljot movements that they then heavily modify. Their automatic movements are Swiss ETA based. All movements have some degree of hand engraving in them. Each watch is fully assembled 100% top to bottom by one watchmaker. And each piece comes with a certificate that is hand written by the watchmaker showing timing results, pressure test, quality check etc, and signed by the watchmaker.
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Ball Watch

At BALL Watch, innovation and creativity are the cornerstones on the foundation of the corporate mission, “Accuracy Under Adverse Conditions”. Continuing in the tradition of Webster Clay Ball, BALL Watch aspires to manufacture the most accurate mechanical watches on the planet, ruggedized for use by those that live/work/play in truly adverse conditions. With unlimited inspiration, BALL is today setting the standards just as Webster Clay Ball did in the late 1800s and through the early 1900s.
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Ball Watch glowBall Airborne watch


“The fusion of adventure, precision and individual strength creates new boundaries.” In a world where the last bastion of adventure and understated achievement is left to a select number of very unique individuals and organizations, Bremont is thrilled to be the watch of choice for these very select organizations and individuals. Bremont’s attention has always been focused towards quality aviation wristwatches that are very much usable in the more rugged of environments. It is for this reason that Bremont watches are not only tested beyond all call of duty by several leading aviation organizations, but also by a unique set of individuals who continue to set records in the most extreme conditions.
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Bremont Norton Bremont MK1 & Mk2

Everest Bands

Everest Bands allow you to interchange and customize your favorite Rolex watches. Utilizing only the highest quality rubber and leather they offer a variety of colors and materials including Swiss vulcanized rubber, steel link leather, and curved end leather. Everest focuses on attention to detail, aesthetics, as well as long lasting comfort and quality deserving of a Rolex. Everest Bands allow Rolex owners to reach new limits and explore new adventures with their Rolex.
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Everest Bands everest band on rolex Everest Straps on Rolex

Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant, an independent watch company based in Geneva, produced its first watch in 1992. Espousing the principle of “affordable luxury” the brand offers beautiful timepieces at approachable prices with both quartz and mechanical movements. Remarkably the company has become a “Manufacture” in this brief time period, making sophisticated in-house movements for select models, with currently 15 calibers in their repertoire. Little Treasury is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for Frederique Constant watches.
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Frederique Constant watch

Grand Seiko

December, 1960. The Japanese luxury watch brand Grand Seiko was born. The goal that inspired its creators was hardly a modest one: they were determined to create nothing less than the best luxury watch in the world. Today, just as fifty-five years ago, Grand Seiko is focused on the pure essentials of watchmaking. Grand Seiko strives to provide lovers of fine watches with the ultimate, functional watch. Each and every Grand Seiko is as accurate, as reliable, as legible and as comfortable to wear as can be achieved. Grand Seiko is everything a luxury watch should be, with no unnecessary elaboration or undue decoration. Just pure, simple and basic watchmaking raised to the level of an art form. Little Treasury is proud to be an authorized Grand Seiko dealer serving Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia.
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Grand Seiko Limited edition Grand Seiko High Beat Diver

L. Kendall

Larcum Kendall is known as one of the premier watchmakers in London during the golden years of British watchmaking when the quest for an accurate way to determine longitude at sea spawned some of the greatest timekeepers in history. So impressed with his Kendall chronometer, Captain Cook referred to it as “my trusted friend”. Born in 1719, Kendall spent the earlier part of his career apprenticed in London to the fine watchmaker John Jeffreys before setting up his own business in 1742 at No. 6 Furnival’s Inn Court, in London. In 1765 Larcum Kendall was appointed to the Board of Longitude as a watchmaking expert and in that same year he was then commissioned to make a marine chronometer, later known as the K1. It was completed in 1769 and was put to test by Captain James Cook during his famous second voyage on HMS Resolution. Captain Cook is one of the most famous naval explorers in history and is best remembered for three famous voyages of discovery. Upon his return from this voyage he Cook wrote to the Secretary of the Admiralty (and wrote in his ship’s logbook), that “Mr Kendall’s watch has exceeded the expectations of its most zealous advocates”. He pointed out that, thanks to the accuracy of the K1 he had been able to make accurate charts of the South Sea Islands for the first time. Captain Cook called the K1 “my trusted friend” and had such faith in the accuracy and reliability of the device that he took it with him on his third and final voyage.
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L kendall Watch K4 L Kendall K5


Longines is an iconic maker of timepieces and has been based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland since 1832. Its watchmaking craft reflects a staunch dedication to tradition, performance and elegance. The brand is the official timing partner of the Triple Crown including the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes. It is also a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of watches. Each piece is designed to be functional yet beautiful. The line boasts collections that both men and women love. Some of the most popular collections are DolceVita, La Grand Classique, PrimaLuna and the Master Collection. Whether the style is classic, modern, elegant or sporty, Longines has a watch for everyone.
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Longines Heritage FlagshipLongines WatchLongines Watch


Timeless classics give us the feeling as if they had been around forever. In contrast to the trivial and the uninspiring, we would miss them if they did not exist. It seems as though they were destined to be made. This, in any case, is what Manfred Brassler – founder and designer of MeisterSinger – had in mind in 2001, when he launched the brand. Despite the trend towards increasing complexity of many modern watches, he wanted to go back to the basics of the art of watchmaking and create a simple measuring instrument at an affordable price – clear, consistent and balanced. The growing success of the brand is a testament to a mission accomplished, which is particularly highlighted by the fact that the concept remains as fresh today as when it was introduced more than 10 years ago. The name MeisterSinger (German for “master singer” has its origins in the Middle Ages, when singers organised in guilds took part in singing competitions in southern Germany. Whoever came up with a “new sound” was crowned MeisterSinger of the year. The fermata – the pause symbol in musical notation – is part of the logo of MeisterSinger, and it stands for the brand’s relaxed approach to time.
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meistersinger watches & movementMeistersinger


For 140 years the name “Mühle” has stood for precision and precision measuring. The foundation for this was laid by Robert Mühle in the year 1869. After his training at the watch manufacturer Moritz Großmann, Mühle founded his own company in Glashütte, Germany, manufacturing precision measuring instruments for the local watch industry and watchmakers’ school. Over the years, this passion for precision measuring has become a full-blown family tradition. Nowadays, however, Mühle Glashütte also manufactures reliable and precise wristwatches alongside marine time systems, marine chronometers and other nautical instruments. It is these nautical timepieces that form the focus of our current name: Nautische Instrumente Mühle-Glashütte.
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Muhle GlashutteMuhle Glashutte Teutonia 2


In the eastern Ore Mountains, past Berlin and on the way to Prague: This is where NOMOS Glashütte crafts its watches. The mechanical timepieces “Made in Glashütte, Germany” are world-famous, and the watchmakers who make them count amongst the very best in fine watchmaking. This is because watches have been made in Glashütte for many generations (since 1845, in fact), and this long tradition of fine mechanical watchmaking has developed unique characteristics; only Glashütte timepieces feature three-quarter plates and delicate sunburst decoration. Traditional craftsmanship here, high-tech production methods there: Both of these approaches combine to make NOMOS watches into high-precision timepieces. And all this Glashütte watchmaking craft is presented with just as much love. An expert team of designers in the creative capital Berlin shapes the dials, the hands, and the cases to ensure that they appeal—for years to come, with every glance at the time, several dozen times a day..
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Nomos Watch SeriesNomos Aqua Watches


Schaumburg Watch, based in Rinteln, Germany, was established in 1998 by Messrs Lindburgh and Benson. This boutique watchmaker produces less than 1,000 timepices per year year. Their focus is to produce interesting timepieces for collectors that are reasonably priced. The manual wind watches in their collection are in-house modifications of the Unitas 6497. The company makes its own plates and bridges in the typical German tradition, with beautifully engraved balance cocks. Movements also feature rhodium plating with gold engraving, blued screws, and beveled edges. Schaumburg also uses very high grade mainsprings for increased power reserve and consistent rate. For automatic models movements are Swiss based with upgraded escapements.
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Schaumburg watch Schaumburg watch

Seiko Prospex

PROGRESS: FROM TIMING DEVICES IN 1964 TO PIONEERING SPORTS WATCH TECHNOLOGY TODAY. In 1964, Seiko announced itself on the world stage of sports timing technology with a whole new generation of timing and scoring devices that set a new standard. The multi-sport suite of timing, scoring and display systems comprised no fewer than 1,278 devices in all. Ever since, the challenge of sports has inspired Seiko to create new technologies to serve the needs of true sports enthusiasts worldwide. Seiko pioneered several features in diver’s watches that are now widely accepted as setting the global standard, including the ‘accordion’ or corrugated style strap, the wide arrowshaped hands for extra legibility, and the two-piece case construction for added security. Similarly, in aviation watches, Seiko invented the trigonometric slide rule that allows pilots to make complex calculations in flight.
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Seiko Prospex


Peter Speake-Marin was born in Essex, England, in 1968 to an English mother and a Welsh father. After receiving his horological training in London and subsequently in Switzerland, he worked at a prestigious antique house in London, establishing their restoration department. Upon returning to Switzerland in 1996, he worked for Renaud & Papi helping to develop and build high-end complications and training junior watchmakers. In his spare time, Peter began acquiring his own machinery and constructed by hand a tourbillon pocket watch with twin power trains, which later became known as the “Foundation Watch”– the foundation stone for his future work – and helped him earn coveted membership of the prestigious Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI). In the “Foundation Watch”, Speake-Marin established his style and philosophy while founding his first independent workshop in 2000 on Lake Geneva between Geneva and Lausanne. The first wristwatch to leave his workshop at the end of 2003 took its cues from the Foundation Watch. As an independent, Speake-Marin has collaborated as a watchmaker, designer and consultant with many different companies including Harry Winston, MB&F and Maîtres du Temps. Since the beginning of 2008 he has channeled his efforts exclusively into Speake-Marin.
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Speake-MarinSpeake Marin Wing Commander

Towson Watch Company

The Towson Watch Company, founded at the beginning of the new millennium in 2000, is one of the few U.S. watch companies who design and manufacture their watch line in the United States. When George Thomas and Hartwig Balke decided to create and manufacture their classical mechanical watch collection no one expected immediate success. The style, quality and beauty of this rare unique timepiece collection soon became a benchmark for success, good taste and quality life style. They dedicated their collection to the region they love so much and it became the Chesapeake Class Watch Collection.
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Towson Watch Company Mission MoonTowson watch Company Potomac


Zannetti Handmade Watches was founded by Riccardo Zannetti in 1982 in Rome, Italy. Initially designing and producing for some of the most prestigeous contemporary watch brands, Zannetti brought forth his first Zannetti branded collection in 1986, “The Stradivarius,” which was in production until 2003. Zannetti’s watchmaking strength lies in his ability to go beyond the limits of standardisation and conformity (homologation). Each single piece, produced, and numbered individually, is unique and unrepeatable. The value lies in the meticulous care spent on personalizing and adding finishing touches to the case, the dial and even the movement: always Swiss-made and mechanical. Attention to details, refinements of the highest quality and a unique design, are the distinguishing features of these original timepieces, fruit of Riccardo Zannetti’s creativity and of his team of master watchmakers.
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Zanetti PirañaZanetti Magnificum watch

Montegrappa Pens

Montegrappa manufactured since 1912 stands in the same historic building on the bank of the River Brenta, in one of the most picturesque areas of the historic town of Bassano del Grappa in the prosperous north-eastern part of Italy. This Italian heritage is an important value for a Brand that is the first Italian pen manufacturer: it is tradition, his legacy. Since 1912 Montegrappa pens embody the Italian flair.
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Montegrappa PenMontegrappa PenMontegrappa Pen