L. Kendall Window Display

Baselworld 2017 - L. Kendall Timepieces

Little Treasury is proud to be the first US authorized dealer for Larcum Kendall timepieces, having opened the brand in the store in mid-2016. Our visit to Baselworld 2017 in March afforded the first opportunity to meet the principals and gain a deeper understanding of the brand.

Those of you who have seen Kendall in our store will immediately recognize the distinctive 46mm x 19mm cases with thick sapphire crystal case backs and mother of pearl dials. Surprisingly, they are quite comfortable to wear so long as your not expecting them to smoothly go under a closely fitting shirt cuff.

L. Kendall Case

At Baselworld 2017 L. Kendall was co-located with U-Boat watches in prestigious Hall 1.1 with an impressive booth. This indicated to me that the brand, although in its infancy, has serious backing.

L. Kendall Booth

Following the nautical theme of the brand, individual watches were displayed in portholes along the wall. The portholes went all the way through to the interior wall inside the booth making for a mysterious and intriguing presentation.

L. Kendall Window Display

Upstairs in the dealer area we learned that L. Kendall did not introduce new models to its already substantial line of 15 references but is focusing on expanding distribution of the brand this year.

L. Kendall collection

However, they did present a terrific collection of straps that will make mouths water for current and future collectors. These straps will definitely appeal to wearers of other brands. The lug width of the L. Kendalls is 22.9mm, but the straps are soft and will fit down to a 22mm lug width. Prices to follow after the fog of Baselworld clears.

L. Kendall Strap Collection

We had a chance to meet the chief designer for L. Kendall, Italo Fontana, who is also the principal of U-Boat.

Italo Fontana

And finally, we met briefly the colorful Mr. Mounir Moufarrige, the founder and principal owner of L. Kendall. Those interested in this brand will enjoy reading his impressive background in the luxury industry here.

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