Grand Seiko SBGY026 “Hana-ikada” Cherry Blossoms


Grand Seiko SBGY026

Limited Edition of 100

There is a time in the Japanese spring when the trees full of cherry blossoms begin to lose their flowers. Breezes loosen sakura petals from their branches and carry them until, inevitably, some land on streams, lakes, and rivers. This blanketing of tranquil water with floating cherry blossom petals, known as hana ikada, inspires the textured pink dial of the new SBGY026.

The pink dial is paired with a rose gold case in the dress series style, a staple of Grand Seiko’s Elegance Collection. Its curved lugs and thin profile have made this design, which required a new method of Zaratsu polishing upon its release, a classic in a short amount of time.

The movement at the heart of the SBGY026 is the manually wound Spring Drive 9R31, which features two mainsprings set in parallel. This movement provides accuracy to +/- 15 seconds per month and a power reserve of 72 hours, displayed with a blued hand on the movement side when fully wound.

SBGY026 is a limited edition of 100.

Learn More: SBGY026 on Grand Seiko’s Website.

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