Grand Seiko SBGA493 Forge USA Exclusive Limited Edition



Grand Seiko SBGA493 – A limited edition of 500 inspired by the forge 

The Japanese sword, known as the katana, is a world-renowned masterpiece in steel. The distinctive and sophisticated process of crafting the katana, coupled with its superb functionality, has created a fascination and allure worldwide. This art form has inspired three new U.S.-exclusive Grand Seiko creations influenced by the materials and craft that reflect the strength, perseverance, and beauty of the katana. 

The katana derives from nature but can only come to be through craftsmanship. 

SBGA493 uses a unique dial pattern within the series. While still inspired by the katana, the SBGA493 expresses the determination and fiery spirit needed to craft the blade. The deep red color with yellow gold-tone accents is influenced by the heated blade during the forging process. The pattern emulates the radiating sparks created when the hammer strikes the blade. 

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