Grand Seiko SBGA489 Kawagane 44GS USA Exclusive


Grand Seiko SBGA489 – The hardness and beauty of kawagane.

 The Japanese sword, known as the katana, is a world-renowned masterpiece in steel. The distinctive and sophisticated process of crafting the katana, coupled with its superb functionality, has created a fascination and allure worldwide. This art form has inspired three new U.S.-exclusive Grand Seiko creations influenced by the materials and craft that reflect the strength, perseverance, and beauty of the katana. 

 The katana derives from nature but can only come to be through craftsmanship. 

 The raw materials used in its creation are earth, fire, water, and air. Iron sand is drawn from the earth and then heated using fire and air in a furnace known as the tatara. The melted sand forms the Japanese steel known as tamahagane. From tamahagane, two variations can be found. One is the high carbon steel used for the outer sharp edge, known as kawagane.

The hardness and beauty of kawagane inspire the black dial of SBGA489.