G-Shock MR-G B5000 Tough Solar – MRGB5000BA-1



The MRGB5000 epitomizes a fusion of heritage and innovation, showcasing impeccable metal craftsmanship. Crafted with Ti64-based super-hard titanium alloy for the case and bezel, and DAT55G titanium alloy for the band, it boasts unrivaled durability and workability. The COBARION bezel top, four times harder than pure titanium, adds a touch of sophistication.

A testament to meticulous detail, the bezel comprises 25 individually polished components. The Multi-guard Structure, integrating flat springs and silicone buffers, ensures exceptional shock absorption, safeguarding the gold-plated MR-G module.

Inspired by ink wash painting and calligraphy in blue ink, the MRG5000BA features ion-plated blue accents against a base of black diamond-like carbon coating. Blue vapor deposition on the watch face and the iconic brick pattern pay homage to the original DW5000 G-SHOCK design. Functionality meets excellence with radio-controlled calibration and Bluetooth® smartphone pairing. This timepiece seamlessly blends state-of-the-art materials with modern connectivity, setting a new standard in precision engineering. The MRGB5000 is a testament to G-SHOCK’s unwavering commitment to innovation, redefining what’s possible in a luxury timepiece.

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