G-Shock MR-G B5000 Tough Solar – MRGB5000D-1



The MRGB5000 is a groundbreaking timepiece that marries the heritage of the inaugural G-SHOCK with contemporary materials and craftsmanship. Constructed from a super-hard Ti64-based titanium alloy, the case and bezel offer exceptional durability. The band, crafted from DAT55G titanium alloy, strikes a balance between hardness and workability, surpassing pure titanium by threefold. The COBARION® bezel top, four times tougher than pure titanium, adds another layer of robustness.

A testament to precision, the bezel comprises 25 meticulously polished components, showcasing a rich texture. The innovative Multi-guard Structure, employing flat springs and silicone buffers, ensures superior shock absorption, safeguarding the gold-plated retainer plate of the dedicated MR-G module. The MRGB5000D has contrasting hairline and mirror finishes, enhanced by a titanium carbide coating for a flawlessly polished silver appearance. The iconic brick pattern and red line pay tribute to the original design, adding a touch of nostalgia. Functionality is not compromised in these timepieces. They offer radio-controlled calibration and Bluetooth® pairing for seamless integration with smartphones, guaranteeing accuracy and convenience in timekeeping. The MRGB5000 stands as a testament to the dedication to excellence that characterizes the MR-G flagship line, making it a standout addition to the G-SHOCK legacy.

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