G-Shock MR-G B5000 Solar – MRGB5000B-1



The MRGB5000 model from the MR-G series represents the pinnacle of G-SHOCK craftsmanship. Inspired by the original DW5000C, it combines a signature square shape with premium metal materials and artisanal precision. The bezel is a masterpiece in itself, intricately crafted from 25 individually polished parts using Sallaz polishing, resulting in an exquisite, elegant finish.

To enhance durability, a novel shock-resistant multi-guard structure employs stainless steel leaf springs and silicon within the bezel components. The case and bezel are constructed from high-hardness Ti64 titanium alloy, while the band is made from DAT55G titanium alloy, known for its exceptional hardness, three times that of pure titanium. The top of the bezel is forged from COBARION®, a cobalt alloy surpassing pure titanium in hardness by four times, and it exudes a brilliance akin to platinum.

The MRGB5000B-1 model refines the COBARION® with a black DLC (diamond-like carbon) finish, reminiscent of the original black DW5000C. Iconic elements from the original, like the brick pattern and red frame around the digital display, pay homage to its heritage. The watch features a specialized MR-G module with gold-plated circuit retainer plates, reducing electrical resistance. It also supports time signal reception for precise timekeeping and boasts Bluetooth® connectivity for seamless smartphone integration. Please note, returns are accepted only if the product retains its original packaging and the protectant film remains intact. This model encapsulates a blend of exceptional materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and advanced technology, setting it apart as a masterpiece within the G-SHOCK lineup.The MR-G model from G-SHOCK’s luxurious line is a stunning fusion of Japanese tradition and modern engineering. Designed with the revered kachi-iro color, historically favored by samurai for its association with victory, it pays homage to Japan’s rich heritage.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the bezel is made from recrystallized titanium, mirroring the crystalline patterns found in Japanese sword hamons. The Durasoft band, adorned with a Bishamon tortoise shell pattern inspired by Bishamonten’s armor, strikes a balance between texture and durability. The dial’s surface bears a scaly pattern, while the indices are elegantly contoured to emulate the curvature of a Japanese sword, showcasing a level of precision reminiscent of ancient craftsmanship. The outer dial is artfully cut in the likeness of a fan or folding screen, adding an element of grace.

This MR-G model seamlessly marries tradition with technology. It features radio wave reception and Bluetooth® connectivity, linking to smartphones. This MR-G timepiece is a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence. Its incorporation of kachi-iro and meticulous design details, paired with advanced technology, results in a watch that not only exudes elegance but also pays homage to Japan’s cultural legacy.The MRGB2000 stands as a crowning achievement in G-SHOCK’s esteemed MR-G line, epitomizing the fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Its design is reminiscent of a Japanese fan or folding screen and showcases meticulous attention to detail. The index marks, resembling the graceful curvature of a sword blade, are a testament to Yamagata Casio’s nano-processing prowess.

The MRGB2000B-1A4 takes it a step further, drawing inspiration from the esteemed Akazonae, a crimson hue associated with valor and gallantry in samurai tradition. This distinguished color graces the G-SHOCK and MR-G logos on the bezel and certain dial components, complemented by the timeless red and black brand colors, exuding strength and timelessness. Form does not outshine function in this exceptional timepiece. Offering radio-controlled calibration and smartphone pairing via Bluetooth®, it caters to both style and practicality. The MR-G module boasts a gold-plated retainer plate, minimizing electrical resistance. Additionally, features like Sallaz polishing, double-hardening, and an anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal exemplify power and precision.

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