G-Shock Move Quartz GBA800UC-5A



The latest additions to G-SHOCK’s POWER TRAINER sports lineup combine striking designs and versatile colors, allowing seamless coordination with both casual wear and workout attire. These watches integrate seamlessly with the CASIO WATCHES phone app, offering a range of features to enhance exercise routines. Included are a 3-axis accelerometer for step counting, a Multi-Timer for creating up to 20 timer combinations, storage for 200 lap records, and more. The app enables users to track step counts with varying exercise intensities, calculate calorie expenditure, set daily step targets, and even send custom timer combinations to the watch. This comprehensive functionality supports effective and enjoyable workout planning and recording.

The watches offer features like app-based time setting correction for accurate timekeeping and an Auto LED Light for low-light environments. The design enhancements, including back wings on the band connections, a redesigned band ring to prevent slipping, and additional band holes for better adjustment, ensure a comfortable and secure fit. These POWER TRAINER sports watches represent an impressive fusion of fashion and fitness technology, catering to the needs of active individuals seeking both style and functionality in their timepieces.

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