Parle means “to speak” and that sentiment encompasses their whole product line. Every gemstone and jewelry design speaks with beauty, rarity, and value. Motion inspires the jewelry as well, they believe jewelry is created when there is flow and relationship between metal and gemstone. Opal is recognized as one of the most precious gems in the world and is without a doubt one of nature’s more remarkable gems. Brilliance of color, pattern and the ability to change color in varying light all influence the value of an Opal. Most Opal is more than 60 million years old and are extremely unique. No two are exactly the same making each Opal one of a kind. With a variety of hues that span the spectrum, each colored stone tells a unique story shaped by hundreds of years of legend and lore.

A piece of jewelry is sourced from the mine with care, thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted to ensure your purchase will be enjoyed for lifetimes.

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