LeStage features the convertible collection with bracelets that can be easily customized with interchangeable charms that function as clasps (we call them clasp-charms). Both bracelets and clasp charms come in sterling silver or sterling silver with 18k gold accents.Bracelets come in various widths and both the clasp-charms and bracelets are sturdy and finely made.

Clasp-charms are easy to exchange. Just squeeze the bracelet so that the hooks clear the rings and the clasp-charm simply lifts off. Reverse the process with another charm, and voila, a new look appears! The convertible collection includes various themes including nautical, beach, woods, and sea.

LeStage jewelry has been made in the US since the nineteenth century. We are proud to present this flexible and affordable collection to our customers. Get your bracelet and start collecting the clasps now!

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