Multi Size Ring by Facet Barcelona, Now Available at Little Treasury!

Facet Barcelona Multi Size Ring

Which finger should I wear that ring on? I don’t know her size, how do I surprise her without asking? My finger size fluctuates; I don’t want to keep sizing it over and over, what should I do? My knuckles keep me from wearing the proper size… help!

The answer is simple: choose a multi-size ring!  Jewelry designer Facet Barcelona has created a patented system that uses springs inside the ring that expand and shrink automatically with the finger. This brilliant design fits a range of two whole sizes! It will slide over the knuckle comfortably and fit the finger without sliding all around (and we all know how annoying that can be).

The best part is that one can’t visually tell the difference between a Facet Barcelona Multi-Size ring and regular ring! The comfort-fit style hugs the ring finger, hides the springs inside and allows you to wear beautiful diamond jewelry again with ease and beauty. Another benefit is that you can say YES to eternity bands again, because you won’t need to size the ring!

Facet Barcelona Multi-Size rings come in high-quality 14k white, yellow or rose gold and in a variety of beautiful diamond styles.

 Little Treasury is an authorized Facet Barcelona dealer.

Visit Facet Barcelona on the web here.

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