Little Treasury 101 – Diamonds & The 4 C’s

Color 4c's Diamonds

Carat Weight • Cut • Clarity • Color

Part 1. Carat Weight

In this segment of Little Treasury 101, one of our diamond specialists Hind Walker discusses one of the 4 C’s: Carat Weight. This is an important one as it relates to the size of the diamond!

Please reach contact Hind with any questions!

Part 2. Cut

In part 2 of the “Diamonds & The 4 C’s Series – Little Treasury 101”, Hind Walker, diamond specialist takes a close look at the cut grading of a diamond. She also explains the importance of the proportions of a diamond, how they are graded, and what it means to you when selecting a diamond.

Part 3. Clarity

In part 3 of the “Diamonds & The 4 C’s Series – Little Treasury 101”, Hind Walker, diamond specialist discusses another important “C” in diamond grading and selection: Clarity! 

With any questions regarding what to look for in deciding your diamonds clarity please email:

Finally – Part 4. Color!

In part 4 (The final video of the “Diamonds & The 4 C’s Series – Little Treasury 101”), Hind Walker, diamond specialist discusses the final “C” in grading diamonds: Color.

Color is a measure of a diamond’s natural hue and an extremely important factor when price and quality comes into play.

Please contact: with any questions regarding diamonds and any of the 4’s! 

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