Larimar, the Rare Caribbean Gemstone: Now at Little Treasury!

Larimar Marahlago Earrings

If you’ve ever been on a cruise to the islands, you’ve probably heard of Larimar, the rare Caribbean gemstone. This stone comes from a mile beneath the Dominican Republic and is known for the way it resembles the beautiful Caribbean sea. Now, you won’t have to go all the way there to see natural Larimar, because Little Treasury is an authorized dealer of Marahlago Larimar jewelry!

Marahlago has a passion for Larimar, and supplies the best stones with the bluest hue. Most Larimar stones are either green or white, but Marahlago focuses on only the rare, blue hues for their jewelry. The name Larimar comes from the daughter of the person who discovered it, Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea, Mar. Marahlago uses creative sterling silver settings and a few select stones such as diamonds and topaz to complete the piece. As an added bonus, each piece comes with a three-year warranty!

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