Meet & Greet with Nick Harris: Orion Watches

Join us to Welcome Nick Harris,
Creator of the American Micro-brand, Orion Watches

August 25, 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Little Treasury Jewelers
2506 New Market Lane
Gambrills, MD 21054

Nick Harris, founder of Orion Watches (AKA Watches by Nick), is traveling from Seattle to Little Treasury for this special evening event.
Join us for drinks and snacks while you meet Nick. Learn about how he created an American watch company from nothing, and what plans he has for the future of Orion. And if asked, Nick will relate his colorful experiences in watch school while trying to run his growing watch company. Nick has gained quite an online reputation among fanciers of micro-brand watches, and now Little Treasury is proud to host his brand in our brick and mortar store. This is part of Little Treasury’s commitment to bring a variety of out-of-the-ordinary horological experiences and products to our friends and followers.

We hope to see you here!  Please RSVP to

Orion Watches Lifestyle Image


The young innovator’s designs combine a mix of brushed and polished finishings with sport, dress, and vintage features, giving his watches a great all-around look and feel. With 100 meter water resistance, the watches can handle an assortment of environments. Nick provides his watches with an enormous amount of attention to detail, style options, luminescence, and for an automatic watch with such a distinctive style, the prices are unbeatable.


Orion Watches Field Standard Watch


Orion Watches Calamaty Series

Be sure to go to Nicks blog and vote for your favorite color-way on his new Calamity Dive Watch.  Which watch would you prefer Dark Blue, Light Blue, or Olive Green?