A Note From Little Treasury Jewelers:
It’s A Virtual Gem Party!

For several years my industry friends have been talking about “The Gem Hunter” and how much they love being a part of what he does. We have finally secured a spot on his calendar and I am excited to bring him to Little Treasury Jewelers!

About the Gem Hunter!

David Artinian, AKA The Gem Hunter, travels the world, in search of the most beautiful and rare gems available. Then they facet each piece of gemstone rough into sparkling gems for us to enjoy. In normal times he will come to stores like ours and we will have a gem party. Now, since the Corona Virus has upended our world, David has shifted to doing Virtual Gem Parties, where he shares stories, plays videos of gem hunting and displays his fine collection of gems for us to see virtually. This is all done through zoom, which is very easy to use. All you need is a computer or iPad and a link from us to join.

How does it work? 

Join Virtually with Zoom from your home & Enjoy the show! 

Since it is a party, we want you to participate. Join the conversation, ask questions, relax with your favorite beverage and learn about gems.

What you will see!

If you see something that calls your name, we can set it aside for you and have it shipped to the store for your approval and payment. We can also work with you on a special custom design and personalize a piece of jewelry just for you. Whether you just want to have fun looking at gems or are interested in adding to your personal collection, you will be glad you joined us.

Limited Spots Available! 

We are limited to 20 spots so reach out right away by phone, or fill out the form below  to secure your spot. Phone: (410) 721-7100.