6 Tips for Choosing an Anniversary Ring

Anniversary season is among us and to celebrate, here are six tips for finding the perfect ring to commemorate your marriage.

Tip #1 Dare to customize.

Custom rings are hot right now. When you want her to have a once of a kind ring, having it custom made is the way to go. Little Treasury makes custom rings for your special moment.

Tip #2 Plan ahead.

Depending on what you are looking for or what size she wears, you may end up falling in love with a ring that takes extra time to make. If the ring you want is out of stock or you need it in a different size, it could take anywhere between 6 weeks and 2 months to get a new one. By planning ahead, you will be ahead of the game and won’t have to worry about time.  

Tip #3 There are no rules.

Anniversary rings come in many styles and there are no rules. You can wear a ring with three stones, or you can wear an eternity band- where the stones go all the way around. You can go traditional or nontraditional. You can wear one ring, or stack 3 or 4 for a stylish fashion forward look. The current anniversary ring trends are stackable rings and intricate details. Twisted embellishments are getting more popular as well.

Tip #4 Choose the right style.

When shopping for an anniversary ring, you want to consider the needs of the person you are buying it for. What is their style and lifestyle? How active is she? When you are not sure, timeless and classic styles are the way to go. Simple elegance is always in style. Nail the style and she will enjoy wearing this ring everyday.


Tip #5 Try using symbols.

Play with tradition and choose a ring that symbolizes your anniversary. Gold marks one year. Sapphire marks 5 years. Diamonds mark 10 years. Anniversary rings tend to have three to five stones. The classic three stones stands for the beginning, middle and end of your everlasting love. It can also symbolize starting a new family with the baby in the middle and the parents on either side.

Tip #6 Give the ring when the time is right.

You don’t have to wait until the 5th or 10th anniversary to give a ring. You can give a 2nd anniversary ring if you want. It’s entirely up to you. You get to choose which anniversary is special. You can also give the ring to mark a milestone like having a child, buying a new house or going through a deeply meaningful experience together.

Still need help finding the ring? Stop by Little Treasury and we will help you find your perfect anniversary ring.


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